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Intestinal worms are parasites which live on blood, organs, and undigested food in the intestines of the host (children, adults or animals). You could have worms without even realising that you are infected. Left to their own devices they can also cause unpleasant illnesses. They deplete nutrition, excrete toxic substances and carry bacteria and viruses which weaken your natural defenses.


Worms are quite easily transmitted from person to person or from animals to humans. They may be airborne and passed on just as easily as the common cold and are more common than people think in adults and children.


You can become infected in different ways depending on the type of worm species:
• They adhere to clothing and bed linen and contaminate hands. Other worm eggs can be picked up off the fur of cats and dogs.
• By breathing in infected worms. Worm eggs are so tiny that you can’t see them with the naked eye. They float on dust and can be easily breathed in.
• By swallowing eggs and larvae, from hands and also fruit and veg that has not been washed properly.
• Worm eggs can be picked up from garden soil, vegetables, salads, sandpits, beach sand and playgrounds, or from someone who already has worms.
• By invasive larvae penetrating the skin.


Children who are not treated for worm infestations may have stunted growth, while children treated for worms attain a normal weight to height ratio.
As the worm load becomes greater, look out for these symptoms.


If there is itching or has an irritation around the anus or between the toes, allergies, frequent coughing & slight fever.cancer and wormwood


Irritability, restlessness & tiredness.


Poor appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea alternating with constipation, blood-stained stool, worms in the stool (not always visible), nausea, vomiting, and anaemia of varying severity.


Research has shown that 74% of worm infections are mixed infections, commonly with three types of nematode: hook worms, whipworms and large roundworms, so it is possible for a person with a large worm load to experience many symptoms.


Dr Roger Mason of Mississippi in his book the Causation of Rheumatoid Arthritis, states that Indolimaxana (a parasite) is one of the main causes of rheumatoid arthritis plus muscle and joint related problems. His thinking is 60% of parasites reside in digestive system and 40% located in the body including liver, pancreas, sinus cavities and even brain. HE LINKS MANIC DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, NERVOUSNESS AND MANY MENTAL DISORDERS TO INTESTINAL PARASITES.


Osteoarthritis can be as of a result of a microscopic parasite that eats cartilage when it has burrowed its way right through, the fluid that normally lubricates joints goes into the bone causing bow leggedness and other disfigurements. As parasite eggs are laid in the intestinal wall and organs, it appears the full moon causes these to spill out and then hatch in approximately 17 days. De-worming is necessary reasonably frequently, at least every 6 months. Alternatively one can use not toxic herbal preparations such as Remlax on a weekly basis.
It takes 5-8 times as much nutrient to build and repair as it does to maintain.


1) Constipation
2) Diarrhoea
3) Gas and Bloating
4) Irritable Bowel Syndrome
5) Joint and Muscle Aches die off symptoms of parasites
6) Anaemia
7) Allergies
8) Skin Conditions
9) Tumours
10) Nervousness
11) Sleep Disorders
12) Teeth Grinding
13) Fatigue (from mal-absorption)
14) Immune Dysfunction


Dish cloths may be loaded with bacteria and viruses, so boil or bleach your kitchen cloths and sponges regularly.
Cook with garlic, parsely, cinnamon, and cloves as they are all natural anti-parasitics.
Remedy, is an effective herbal de-wormer that targets parasites in the blood muscle and organs. Remedy can be used in conjunction with Paraway (a dry herb for intestinal parasites). We recommend repeating a major Colon Detox every 6-12 months. One can also use Remlax (bowel cleanser & anti-parasitic) once a week.

The best for optimum health is to do the entire Great Cleanse starting with Step One once a year and then go into maintenance.

Its important to deworm the entire family and pets at the same time otherwise re-infestation will take place. The best time to de-worm is 5-7 days after full moon. If you are not convinced that you have parasites, take a stool sample to a pathology lab low counts = 200 and under, high over 600, over 2000 very high. If you feel queasy, dose every alternate day. If you have not de-wormed in the last 9 months do a 5 day de-worm. Parasites not only consume your energy but secrete toxins that take 30% of your energy.

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  2. […] Two: natural supplements. Our supplements work gently and effectively and you will be able to continue working without too much discomfort, but do start on a Friday. The discomfort in the beginning with die off and detox may be gas, bloating, tiredness, headaches and light headedness. This slowly improves as you clean out and heal. The Great Gut Cleanse is step one to be started simultaneously with giving up gluten and a few other carbohydrates. It is important that you go slowly into AIP for those who have gone cold turkey really battle and cant maintain the three months strict AIP needed for healing. If you do jump straight in, supplements should not be taken within the first three weeks of going strict AIP. Your liver will be working too hard. Doing the Great Gut Cleanse and the carbs together first will also ease the detox symptoms of AIP strict. About 80% of the population have parasites which is addressed in our Great Gut Cleanse with two different parasites cleanses included in the pack. Parasites become accustomed to chemical de-worm meds but not to natural deworming ingredients and the benefit of these natural deworm meds are that they are good for you in other ways too. Read about Parasites in the body. […]

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