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Nutritional supplements their availability and absorption in the body depends upon how well they are absorbed along their delivery route. The availability, absorption, retention and utilization of nutrients depend on your gut being healthy.

We have help with Winning Performance supplements!

Winning Performance use the finest natural ingredients possible and keep to the exacting high standards of the British Pharmacopoeia Guide. No over diluted products! The results will speak for themselves, no more wondering if what you are taking is helping and because we believe in these products and want you to reach your ultimate in health, these detox programs are all greatly discounted!

The costs of purchasing through Autoimmune Free or direct with Winning Performance are the same. Courier to outlaying areas is R120.00 and Courier to Main Centers is R75.00. Free delivery for orders of above R1 500.00 -which is not difficult to do, I ordered the three step detox’s together to make use of this. Please contact us on or 082 4420340 to Whats App us for help or advice.

The Great Cleanse

Step One – The Great Gut Cleanse

The best all natural gut cleanseThe best gut cleanse
Parasite / Colon cleanse 30 days for only R590 for 7 products! Individually purchased, the cost would be R755.00, – a huge discount offered because we want you to experience, know and benefit from these products!

Each product is linked to its order but to make use of the discount, click the order the complete happy shopping!Great Gut Cleanse!

The 7 products:
Helps eliminate toxins & waste build-up (faecal plaque & mucous) from the intestine. An effective cleans that helps candida too – see your skin cleanse too! If you want to repeat The Great Gut Cleanse go through all the steps then break for a month and then repeat. Otherwise repeat The Great Gut Cleanse every six months.
1) Mag Caps 72 caps (Natural Cleanser)
2) MSM + C 30g (Natural Cleanser)
3) MultiDay 60 caps (Multivitamin & mineral + Dewormer)
4) OXY 50 ml (Stabilised Oxygen)
5) Paraway 24 caps (Dry Herbal Anti-Parasitic)
6) PRObiotic 24 caps (Intestinal Flora)
7) Remlax 50ml (Herbal Anti-Parasitic & Intestinal Regulator)basket Order The Great Gut Cleanse

The Great Gut Cleanse Schedule:
While you are flushing out your body, remember to drink lots of water. I have a litre bottle of spring water throughout the morning and then again for the afternoon. To this spring water, I add my drops of OXY. Start with four drops in a litre and work up to 10 drops per litre. I take my tablets with this water.

You will receive instructions with your order and don’t worry about taking too much, your body knows what to do with each one because, although they are strong, they are natural products which will work in synergy.

Break for a week and then start with Step Two:

Step Two –  The Workflow Cleanse

The Best Kidney Cleanse Program This cleanse is about five weeks long, the duration depends on weight of person as dosing is per kg basis.

Kidneys are the organs that filter waste products from the blood. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body.
This is an effective program  that helps eliminate toxins and waste, rejuvenating the kidneys and bladder we offer for only R220.00! Individually purchased these items would cost you R321.00.
1) Chinese Green Tea 35g (Powerful Anti-Oxidant) (why this green tea?)
2) Kidney Cleanse 50ml (Kidney Cleansing Herbal Blend)
3) MultiDay , 60 caps (Multivitamin/mineral + Dewormer)
4) Remedy 20ml (Herbal Anti-Parasitic) – this is not necessary if you are following on from The Great Gut Cleanse.

a) basket Order without Remedy
b) basket Order including Remedy

Step Three – The Gall Stone / Gall Bladder Cleanse

Click the above link – this info is on its own page as you will need to print it!
This procedure is very important for good health, proper digestion of fats and proteins.
Should you have any gall bladder problems, please be very careful. Consult your Functional Doctor as bile in the wrong place is very poisonous.


complex synergy of vitamins, minerals and amino acidsA complex synergy of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Everything you need to keep healthy in this fast living world. MultiDay is the only MultiVit/Amino/Mineral to have a daily natural de-wormer. This helps keep parasites out and your immune system strong. Take one in the morning with food. In fact, all vitamins and minerals are to be taken with food. They are not food, but part thereof. There are fat soluble and water soluble vitamins and minerals which require fats for them to be ingested.

basket Order MultiDay


restores natural intestinal floraOur probiotic contains a growth medium which stimulates gut bacteria growth. Take one capsule with your first meal of the day. As Stress, antibiotics and heat, destroys gut bacteria it is recommended that you take one every day for the rest of your life! Unless you are making Kefir then you could possibly drop to 3 x per week. Good gut health = healthy body. Good biome = healthy brains.

basketOrder PRObiotic

Calcium and vitamin C

(not necessary if you are making bone broth)
Stay with calcium citrate. It is far better for us than Calcium carbonate. Vitamin C is essential for calcium absorption. Take this on your way to bed, as the best repairs happen while sleeping. We’ve been using “Nature Fresh” Calcium & Magnesium Complex, for many years which you may find in a Pharmacy or Pick n Pay!


A powerful natural de-wormerRemedy is a tincture which removes parasites from our bodies,(the Multiday keeps parasites at bay). It is essential to remove parasites twice a year. People who have pets should take Remedy more often. We all get parasites (they are in the air we breathe). Taken in warm water in the morning. It is not unpleasant.

basketOrder Remedy

Take Good Care of your Digestive Enzymes:

Digestive enzymes break down food so that it may be absorbed and utilized by the cells in your body. Many troubled tummies (IBS, bloating, cramping, constipation, leaky gut) among other things are also a result of struggling or declining digestive enzymes. Our digestive enzyme production is compromised by cooked foods, ageing, inorganic foods and I have even read that fluoride depletes our digestive enzyme production. We believe in boosting our enzyme production with correct foods rather than pills or potions so as not to create dependence on these supplements.

The enzyme rich foods to concentrate on are; the best are mung bean sprouts (for when your 90 days are up and seeds have been introduced), raw veg especially leafy greens, raw beetroot, papaya, pineapple, mango, kiwi fruit, grapes and avocado. Other foods stuffs include coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil (I can highly recommend Goedgedacht olive oil, found in Pick n Pay, as I know it is organically grown although they can’t put it onto the bottle because their neighbouring farm sprays and it is an upliftment farm and therefore good to support).
Cinnamon tea supports bile flow and blood sugar levels and once the three months is up and seeds have been reintroduced add in Fenugreek tea which acts as a decongestant for the bile ducts for normal bile flow.

A regular detoxification of the liver and kidneys are important because toxins drain from the gut to the liver and the bile in the liver congests creating sluggish bile ducts and pancreatic ducts giving the digestive enzymes a hard time in passing with the bile into the small intestine.

Once your initial detox is finished you may add these incredible all natural yet potent supplements or follow our recommended step program below.

Liver and Kidney Support:

The Liver and Kidneys are married, they work in harmony. Initially your liver will be working overtime with your detox (remember to drink lots of water to help flush it) so cleanse them both together.
They are tinctures for maximum efficiency.
We take it once a day in the morning in warm water. 1 drops per 10 kg body weight.

basketOrder Liver Cleanse
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kidney & liver cleanse

Essiac cleans out kidneys and liver, and is said to be a good anticancer product. Once one bottle of Liver and Kidney Cleanse is finished take Essiac. It is one of my favourite products. Essiac is very powerful, therefore take one drop in the morning first day then increase by one drop until you are taking one drop per 10 kg body weight. Keeping the kidneys clean is essential for good health. Essiac has been known to bring down blood pressure, if it’s not hypertension that is causing high blood pressure.
It’s a tincture. All tinctures are taken in the morning in warm water. They can be all mixed together. The body knows what to do with them. Tinctures do not interfere with prescription meds.

basketOrder Essiac

Remove SIBO (Small intestine Bacteria Overgrowth):

Remove SIBO, with Wild Oregano for the rest of your 90 days. Take 2 soft gel caps in the morning. (Pharmacy or Health Shop)

Chelator EDTA:

dissolving plaque in the arteriesStart removing heavy metals and plaque.
EDTA has a positive charge and is known to remove plaque from veins and arteries, making the arteries supple once again.
Take 1 tablet first thing in the morning on its own giving it no competition. Keep the container refrigerated.

basketOrder EDTA Chelator

Mag Caps:

clean old fecal mater from the bowelMagcaps removes compaction from the colon. Introduce Magcaps once your tummy has settled.

Take two bottles to clear the colon. We should have a bowel movement at least once a day.
I take one per day everyday! If you have has done the 90 days and finds IBS is still there, take 10 Mag Caps with Kefir or yoghurt in one shot.

basketOrder Mag Caps

Joint Flex:

For those who need it, our joint formula contains all the essential nutrients to help with joint inflammation, regeneration of cartilage and circulation. When I train hard (cycling) I sometimes get sore knees. Taking Joint Flex alleviates the problem. Take one a day with breakfast.

basketOrder Joint Flex

Curcumin Capsules:

Turmeric, and its bioactive ingredient curcumin, has been scientifically proven as an effective counteractive agent against cancer, auto-immune disease, and if you have had diabetics for a long time it is advisable to take Curcumin Capsules.
One after each meal for 90 days. Curcumin is known to be a good anti-inflammatory. It from the Turmeric plant. The botanical name to Turmeric is Curcuma. (Pharmacy or Health Shop)

After 90 day on AIP and keeping to a healthy lifestyle:

Omega Three:
Omega Three Flax seed oil is known as brain food! Our cold pressed Flax seed oil provides the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA’s) which have many important functions within the body, from hormone production to healthy hair, nails & skin. It is very difficult for the body to digest Flaxseed oil, therefore: Take 3X15 ml flaxseed oil 6X15 ml cream cheese, mix with a “stick” blender until smooth. Should it separate add a little yoghurt or Kefir while mixing. Take one mix any time during the day. It may bew a good idea to take it as a snack midd morning or afternoon.

Sprouting Mung Beans

Digestive enzymes can be bought as a supplement or grown. Its very easy to grow. Get Mung beans, pour half a cup onto a tray and remove the “stones” Soak them in a large mug of warm water over night, they swell a lot and will spill out of a small cup. Next morning put them into a jar or sprouter for a few days, rinsing with water each day.