The Thorough Gall Bladder/Gall Stone Cleanse

Step Three b

Kidney and Liver Cleanse

Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your health and well being.

This is a truly remarkable procedure YOU CAN DO!

No need for a medical procedure, but you will need to follow the steps carefully for this exciting adventure! So read carefully and be prepared.

Doing this cleanse, you may expect your allergies to disappear, and incredibly, it should also eliminate shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain, and bursitis, (swelling of the knees and elbow joints). You will have more energy and an increased sense of vitality.

Please Note: depending on the severity of your gallstones and progression of your disease this may not be a suitable treatment plan:  If your disease has progressed to the point of Cholecystitis (inflamed gall bladder) you should always follow the advice of your medical professional.

Cleaning the liver bile ducts is a powerful procedure towards your improved health.

This Gall Bladder Cleanse should not be done before Step One; The Great Gut Cleanse and for best results should follow Step Two; The Kidney Cleanse. (If you do, you will feel sick for a few days afterwards, better to clean everything out and then this grand finale).

It is the function of the liver to make bile……….1 to 1½ litres in a day! The liver is full of tubes (biliary tubing) that deliver the bile to one large tube (the common bile duct). The gallbladder is attached to the common bile duct and acts as a storage reservoir. Eating fat or protein triggers the gallbladder to squeeze itself empty after about twenty minutes, and the stored bile finishes its trip down the common bile duct to the intestine.

For many, including children, the biliary tubing is full of gallstones. Some develop allergies or hives but some of us have no symptoms. When the gallbladder is scanned, or X-rayed often nothing is picked up because typically, they are not in the gallbladder! Most gallstones are too small and not calcified, a prerequisite for visibility on X-ray.

There are over half a dozen varieties of gallstones, most of which have cholesterol crystals in them, which are soft not hard as one would presume.

They can be black, red, white, green or tan colour.
The green ones get their colour from being coated with bile. You will notice how many are shaped like corks with longitudinal grooves below the tops. We can visualize the blocked bile ducts from such shapes. Other stones are composites – made of many smaller ones –showing that they regrouped in the bile ducts for some time.

At the centre of each stone is found a clump of bacteria which, according to scientists, suggests that a dead bit of parasite might have started the stone forming.

As the stones grow and become more numerous the back pressure on the liver causes it to make less bile. It is also thought to slow the flow of lymphatic fluid. Imagine your garden hose had marbles in it, much less water would flow, which in turn would decrease the ability of the hose to squirt out the marbles. With gallstones, much less cholesterol leaves the body, and cholesterol levels may rise.

Gallstones, being porous, can pick up all the bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites that are passing through the liver. In this way “nests” of infection are formed, forever supplying the body with fresh bacteria and parasite stages. No stomach infection such as ulcers or intestinal bloating can be cured permanently without removing these gallstones from the liver.


Order the products needed
• If you do this cleanse without doing Step 1 and Step 2, you won’t get as many stones and you may feel quite sick.
• If you are on the maintenance parasite program, you are always ready to do this cleanse.
• Step 1 and Step 2 are important because you need your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract in top working condition so they may efficiently remove any undesirable substances from the intestine as the bile is being excreted.
• For four days before doing this Gall Stone Cleanse, either drink 1lt pure apple juice per day. – One glass of 250ml spread throughout the day.
For those on AIP and those who believe that fruit juice is unhealthy you can cut out the apple juice, but not the grapefruit or orange juice.
To replace the apple juice: Take 1 X 15ml apple cider vinegar 3 times a day in a cup of warm water.

Its the Malic acid found in apples that softens the gall stones.


Epsom salts 4 desert spoonfulls
Olive oil 100 ml Cold pressed (light olive oil is easier to get down)
Pure ruby grapefruit 1 litre pure ruby grapefruit. If difficult to find use Ruby grapefruit and grape mix. (Not with a pear mix)
Stressaway 4 drops per 10 kg body mass, to be sure you can sleep. Don’t skip this!
Apple juice or Apple cider vinegar. Orange juice 4 X  1 litre pure apple juice, or Apple Cider vinegar.
1 litre pure orange juice
Essiac Tincture 10 drops am for 10 days before you do this.
Remedy Tincture 5 drops per 10 kg body weight. Start 4 days before this cleanse and 2 days after cleans

Choose a day like Friday or Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day.
Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do with out; they could prevent success. Stop the parasite program and kidney herbs, too, the day before.
Eat no-fat or Protein
This builds pressure. Breakfast and lunch could be cooked cereal, (oats)  fruit, salads  (no butter or milk, olive oil or mayo – use a balsamic or lemon juice for a dressing). This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

No proteins or fats, as they also cause the gallbladder to squeeze bile into one’s system.

2:00 PM Do not eat or drink after 2 o’clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later.
Get your Epsom salts ready. Put 4 desert spoons Epsom salts in a measuring jar. Add 600 mls water and add 200 mls pure orange juice. (Ceres or Dewfresh) This makes four servings, of 200ml each. Put the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only). Epsom Salts is an electrolyte that opens cells, and a dilator, allowing the gall stones to flow easily. (Epsom salts is also thought to be a vasculator increasing blood circulation). When taking Epsom Salts and lying flat on your back, it moves slowly through the intestine. It opens cells and the liver bile ducts which is very important for detoxing. If you drink Epsom Salts and stand up it stimulates the intestine very quickly, 5 grams is normally enough.

6:00 PM Drink one serving (200ml) of the ice cold Epsom salts, and orange mix. If you did not prepare this ahead of time, mix 1 desert spoon in 200ml cup water now. You may drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards or rinse your mouth. Drink at your bedside. Now lay flat on your back for 30 minutes…

Get the olive oil and grapefruit out to warm up.

8:00 PM Repeat by drinking another 200 ml of Epsom salts. You haven’t eaten since two o’clock, but you won’t feel hungry. Get your bedtime chores done. The timing is critical for success. Now lay flat on your back for 30 minutes

9:45 PM Pour 100 ml measured olive oil into a jar. Use pure grapefruit juice. 200 ml. Should pure grapefruit juice be difficult to find, use the boxed, pure grapefruit and grape. Add this to the olive oil. Also add 40 drops Remedy. Close the jar tightly and shake hard until watery (only fresh grapefruit juice does this). Or stir briskly with a tea spoon, just before drinking it.
Now visit the bathroom one or more times, even if it makes you late for you ten o’clock drink. Don’t be more than 15 minutes late. You will get fewer stones. You might need the toilet and to brush teeth.

10:00 PM Drink the olive oil potion you have mixed. Take 4 drops per 10 kg body mass. Stressaway in hotish water to drink after the olive oil, or to sip between mouth fulls. Have these ready. Take it all to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Get it down within 5 minutes (fifteen minutes for very elderly or weak persons).
Use Stressaway. This is important. You must sleep for the best results. The hot water helps remove the oiliness. Should you enjoy the grapefruit to rinse out your mouth, swallow a mouthful of grapefruit juice.

Lie down immediately. Don’t clean up the kitchen. For best results drink at your bedside, and lie down flat on your back with your head up high on the pillow. Try to think about what is happening in the liver. Try to keep perfectly still for at lease 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones travelling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thank you Epsom salts!) After 30 minutes, remove the extra pillows and go to sleep normally. You may fail to get stones out if you don’t.

Next morning. Upon awakening take your third dose of Epsom salts. If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. You may go back to bed. Don’t take this potion before 6:00 AM. Now lay flat on your back for 30 minutes

2 Hours Later. Take your fourth (the last) dose of Epsom salts. Now lay flat on your back for 30 minutes

After 2 More Hours you may eat. Keep it light such as fruit and salads. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should feel recovered.

Download this procedure for printing.

How well did you do? Expect diarrhea in the morning. Look for gallstones in the toilet bowl after a bowel movement! Large dark brown and grey stones is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue, as this has been cleared out using Epsom Salts. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside. Count them all roughly, whether tan or green. You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid yourself of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently. The first cleanse may rid you of them for a few days, but as the stones from the rear travel forward, they give you the same symptoms again. You may repeat cleanses at two week intervals. Never cleanse when you are ill. Then only twice a year.

Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as “chaff” floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan coloured, harbouring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.

How safe is the liver cleanse? It is very safe. Based on over 500 cases, including many persons in their seventies and eighties. The biggest surprise is that it is not painful!   However it may make you feel ill for one or two days afterwards, although in every one of these reported cases the maintenance parasite program had been neglected.

This is why the instructions direct you to complete the parasite and kidney cleanse programs first.

CONGRATULATIONS  You have taken out your gallstones without surgery!

Not 4 or 6 gallstones, (as a medical procedure yields) but handfuls. I know of a person who collected a whole bottle full and took it to show Dr Alan!
This procedure was invented hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, THANK YOU, HERBALISTS!

This procedure contradicts many modern medical viewpoints. Gallstones are thought to be formed in the gallbladder, not the liver. They are thought to be few, not thousands. They are not linked to pains other than gallbladder attacks. It is easy to understand why this is thought: by the time you have acute pain attacks, some stones are in the gallbladder, are big enough and sufficiently calcified to see on X-ray, and have caused inflammation there. When the gallbladder is removed the acute attacks are gone, but the bursitis and other pains and digestive problems remain.

The outcome is self-evident. People who have had their gallbladder surgically removed still get plenty of green, bile-coated stones, and anyone who cares to dissect their stones can see that the concentric circles and crystals of cholesterol match textbook pictures of “gallstones” exactly.

This procedure should be done 3 times, with a break of 2 weeks. The third cleanse often gives more stones than the first. There after once a year for maintenance is good.

NB:  The Gall Bladder is very toxic when damaged. This procedure is for people who do not have Gall Bladder pain or serious Gall Bladder problems, and are wanting to do a Liver and Gall bladder cleanse, to improve health, endurance when training and faster recovery. Also to aid in better digestion of fats and proteins.

Best wishes Autoimmune Team

If you do not have a gall bladder, use half Epsom Salts and Olive oil.

An experience received from Jean: My sister in law, Hazel, had an ultra sound which revealed around 2000 gall stones present. Her doctor wanted to put her into hospital to remove them which she refused and at home she did the first of three flushes, removing many stones, then unfortunately, she broke her leg, we are waiting for it to repair, then will proceed with our flushes.