Sweat Advantage

Boost your immune system AND reduce the risk of heart attacks easily and naturally!

Reaching high physical fitness goals often leads to immune depression and its susceptibility to infection. Train and your immune system rises but will fall off for 8 hours afterwards! To boost your fighter cells, (your white blood cells), GcMAF is great, take it as soon as you can after training or an event.
Maintenance is one capsule upon rising. Empty the contents of the capsule under your tongue as leave it there till dissolved. One tub is a two month course. {what are your recommendations here}
GcMAF helps to populate good gut biome.
NB: It is so effective in boosting the immune system that people are using it to prevent gippo guts from the Dusi Canoe Marathon right to help fight cancer ….yet it is safe enough for babies!

During a work out, athletes breath deeper and more frequently to supply more oxygen their head, heart and muscles so effective blood flow is imperative. Far too often we hear of a fit athletic person having a heart attack without them even knowing there was a problem in the first place.

For Good Blood Flow:

  • Remove *deposits from your circulatory system. (*plaque which may be made up of fatty substances, oxidised cholesterol, cell waste, calcium and fibrin).
  • Clean arteries

Our specially formulated Chelator does this, and as with most natural products, there are a host of other benefits too. Read more.

Help for sore Muscles

Feeling sore after exercise is because of minute damage to muscles, which is a good thing as it is the repair that makes the muscle stronger than it was before. To aid in this repair we have a muscle fuel called Carbo Max which contains a balance of electrolytes, amino acids and carbohydrates. The electrolytes transmit nerve impulses that cause muscle contraction and maintain proper fluid and the acid balances, minimizing cramp. The amino acids help repair broken down muscle tissue, for better recovery and the carbohydrates replace lost glycogen, increasing energy levels. Brilliant to use during training and on event days.

I cycle hard and add the Carbo Max to my morning smoothies. There was a time when tightening up finances I left off my Carbo Max. It took two weeks for me to feel something was not right, I was not achieving my times and my legs felt like led! I reintroduced Carbo Max and what a beaut! I was back to myself again!

Thanks AutoimmuneFree! –


To help boost performance and ward off any floating germs we recommend OXY. OXY contains electrolytes of oxygen in de-ionised water, which puts extra oxygen into the blood stream. The oxygen molecule lifts energy levels and targets virus, bacteria and fungi. Its best to build up to a dose of five drops added to a glass of water 30 min before an event. A medicine cabinet must!

Please note that moderate pain is normal when building up, and as mentioned, a good thing. But be careful of sever pain from over exertion or perhaps an underlying issue. A thorough check up with your doctor would be in order.

Nutrient dense foods are important, as is lots of water.

Support your Adrenal Glands with this easy to make, simple and delicious Adrenal cocktail.
Your adrenal glands, (small organs above your kidneys), respond to stress by releasing cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones are part of your “fight or flight” response. They increase your blood pressure and your heart rate. Drink it 1 – 2 times per day, an hour before or after food.


Within 20 to 30 minutes after a hard workout, replace your protein with Giant Muscle Builder. Giant is a 61% protein powder with micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As we have no fillers, the tub is only 500g instead of the commercial 5kg! A tiny scoop of concentrated goodness!

Add to this is the Imune-Boost which has Spirulina, Kelp and Wheat Grass added.

Be prepared


One 5 gram scoop of each product (Giant and Immune-Boost, yes, that all you need) added to your favourite mix; fresh juice/yoghurt/kefir/smootie and kept in a cooler box in your car for post workout/event is a good idea.

Thanks John! (early 70’s and looking good! Photo right)

John said he also keeps two boiled eggs in his cooler box so that by the time he gets home he does not head for the empty carb foods.


Sleep is when your body repairs, if you battle to relax, take a few drops of Stressaway, find a mantra that suits you and each time you think you mantra consciously tell yourself to relax and let go and melt into your mattress!

Building endurance takes time and is rewarding in so many ways.

Help your body to achieve its best.