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Cancer & GcMAF

Manufactured in South Africa:  our products are produced to consistently high standards and we are especially proud of our GcMAF.

We have had reports of total reversal of cancer after only a few months of taking GcMAF, but lifestyle changes are vital.

GcMAF,  is natural and pure, gentle enough for a new born baby (the best thing a breastfeeding mum could do for herself and her baby is to take GcMAF), and  strong enough for a weight lifter. It is not invasive or harmful, in fact it is excellent for you!

The eleven points below contain information for gaining all-round good health for everyone, but they are essential if you have cancer.

This excellent video by FIRSTiMMUNE expalins how GcMAF works. Please note FIRSTiMMUNE obtain the Gc protien from human plasma which is why the bad press. Our Gc protien is not made from blood, but comes from an organic wholefood source.

1. GcMAF

Where does the name GcMAF come from?

GcMAF is a combination of a natural vitamin D-binding protein, known as a ‘gc’ protein, and a ‘Macrophage Activating Factor’. It forms part of the white blood cells that fight infection.

GcMAF needs to be taken for about three to four months by those with cancer. Blood tests will  reveal if you need to continue. We all should take one bottle of GcMAF twice a year to maintain a healthy micobiome, as daily stress and everyday toxins deplete it. Our GcMAF may safely be taken by children, even babies and lactating moms.
Read the comment by Libby on our GcMAF orders page.
Read more about GcMAF

2. Mushroom Mix

If you are not able to enjoy 20 minutes of full sunlight (without sunblock cream) every three days then it is important to take our Mushroom Mix tincture with the GcMAF as this product is high in Vitamin D. Remember that GcMAF is a vitamin D-binding protein, so when Mushroom Mix is taken together GcMAF, the benefit is 2½ times stronger.
Mushroom Mix comes in tincture form and, because it is produced from a natural food source, its absorption and efficacy are excellent.

This product could eliminate the need for most multivitamin tablets.

3. Heavy metals in our Body.

Unfortunately we all have a certain amount of toxic metals in our body, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink!  They come from car fumes, lead-acid batteries, fertilisers, paints, treated woods, aging water supply infrastructure, plastics, colour enhancer, anti-corrosive agents, food stabilizers, and coloring dyes … name but a few!

Google ‘Cancer and Heavy Metal Detox’;  you will find that the subject is well documented and see our:  Heavy Metal Chart

Removing heavy metals from your body is important. Our specially formulated Chelator will do this for you, and not only that, it is boosted with other key ingredients to remove not only heavy metals from the body, but plaque from veins and arteries (which contribute to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Initially you need to take one capsule a day for six months, (there are 60 capsules in a tub). Thereafter we recommended that you take one bottle twice a year for the rest of your life. This is because we ingest and breathe in heavy metals all the time.

4. ProBiotic:

GcMAF contains our PROBiotic (which also contains the essential prebiotic), and together with the Mushroom Mix they create a magical trio, making it the best-ever probiotic on the market.
If possible, you should include some home-grown probiotic in your diet as well. You can do this by obtaining some kefir granules (try Gumtree or health shops) and making your own kefir. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with yeast or with a bacterial fermentation starter of kefir grains. It has the acidophilus needed in one’s upper and lower intestine, and is a powerful gut food. (Acidophilus is a bacterium occurring naturally in the body.)

How to make:
Coconut or Almond Milk Kefir
Water Kefir
Milk Kefir

5. Clear your kidneys and Liver

Often, when you are unwell, especially if you have any autoimmune disease or cancer, your body has to fight more toxins than it can handle.
You can and should assist your body, firstly by a change of diet, which is vital. Having a correct diet is imperative! Secondly you need to remove toxins. A kidney flush followed by a liver flush will rid your body of  toxins that have created a situation of overload and illness. This is a remarkable procedure that you can safely do at home, but it will need some planning.

Read More about this cleanse
Order the Rapid Liver Cleanse

6. Stop pure starch foods.

Starches such as potatoes, pasta and grains are foods you probably wouldn’t think of as sugary, but they do eventually break down to simple sugars in the body.
Eat your carbs only through fruit (sparingly) and vegetables!

7. Stop all processed sugars

You should stop consuming any sweets, chocolates, fruit juices (yes, even these!), sweeteners, and most alcoholic drinks – though this does not include non-sugary spirits such as whisky. A good article to read on this subject is:   “Sugar Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Produces Them”

8. Eat plenty of veggies

You should regularly eat plenty of vegetables, especially the four cruciferous vegetables (those of the cabbage family): cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.

9. Eat protein with every meal.

As far as possible, you should try to eat protein with every meal. Eggs are an easy and excellent source of Omega 3. (Omega 3 fats help build brain cells and keep your heart healthy.)

10. Fasting

Fasting hinders cancer growth, so after your last meal of the day, fast. Try not to eat again before noon the next day, but keep drinking water (see next point). Fasting also resets your metabolism.

11. Water

Drink lots of water. Try to drink about one litre in the morning and one in the afternoon. Add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to one glass of water. (vGood for Cancer Patients). If you can, try to drink 200 ml (about a cupful) of water every hour, to flush your body of toxins. Plain Rooibos or flavoured teas (with no milk or sugar) may be counted into your daily 2 litres of water.
(You can read about the benefits of taking bicarb (baking soda) in this article: Science Daily.)


People with leukaemia should eliminate all foods except carrots. Make yourself a glass of carrot juice six times a day for 90 days. If you want a change in taste you can add half an apple to two of your juices a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Don’t forget to include numbers 1 to 4 above as well!


Exercise is important. We were meant to be physical working people.

Do what you can to build yourself up. Choose your favourite ‘cardio’ exercise – which could be walking (becoming brisk walking) – and do ‘interval training’. So much is out now about Interval Training is an effective method of toning up:
1. Warm up by doing the exercise slowly for 3 to 5 minutes.
2. Then go as fast as you can for 30 seconds.
3. Then go slow for a minute.
4. Repeat this process to build your duration to a maintenance level of 20 min a day.
5. Take it easy (warm down) for the last 3 to 5 minutes.

This form of cardio training is particularly suited to using a stationary bicycle. Make sure the bike is set up correctly for your leg height before you start. The pedaling setting does not have to be to on maximum when you start this training, but you will have to increase the difficulty as you get fitter. Your breathing will increase after the second or third burst; that is normal.

We would love to hear from you once you have started your journey. Send us your story so we can encourage others to begin their own journey.
The AIF Team

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