Citro Detox (60g powder)


Ant Acid

Citro Detox is a mild ant-acid that works by oxidizing faecal matter. Once this hardened material has been broken down then the electrolytes (negative & positive ions) will gently flush the intestine, removing faecal compactions.

Citro Detox will help draw old faecal impacted matter off the walls of the colon & out of any bowel pockets removing poisons, toxins & heavy metals such as mercury (remove the mercury from your teeth)*, lead, asbestos, arsenic, fibreglass, formaldehyde, thallium & even radioactive materials such as strontium, cleaning the entire 9 feet (3meters) of the digestive tract. Weighing yourself before & after using Citro Detox will give you some idea of the weight of your compactions. Citro Detox will not take care of chronic constipation i.e. where a stool is passed every 48 hours or longer. If your constipation is quite serious, (where you are using laxatives to have a bowel movement) a 30 day detox will get the flow back. * So far Sweden, Germany & Denmark have banned mercury amalgams. Bowel elimination at least once every 24 hours is essential. If whilst Detoxing you feel queasy use another dose of Citro Detox. Citro Detox should not be used continuously over extended periods.

Drugs also leave residual which can sit in compaction and cells for years. It is essential to detox +- every 6 months to improve function & absorption of receptacles (villi) in the intestine. A 30 day detox will eliminate residual. Taking Remlax, Mag caps and Paraway once a week will help you keep regular and keep clean of built up mucous & parasites. Always take a good PRObiotic.

Toxins take years to accumulate; they affect mood, fatigue levels, appetite, liver & kidney function. When Detoxing the bowel or liver you must have at least one bowel movement per day to release toxins. Use 1 a heaped teaspoon of Epsom salts in 100ml hot water every 4 hours until you eliminate. Remember it takes 13 months to renew 90% of the 100 trillion cells in your body.

Our tried and tested Detox programs aren’t designed to upset your lifestyle. This is why we detox over a number of days. Citro detox should accelerate the removal of compaction by +-100 grams per day. Citro Detox should be taken on an empty stomach i.e. ½ hour before meals. It’s important to keep the plumbing permanently clean. Do Herbalax once weekly, Friday night. Doing a mini detox once a month for 3 days is a great way to stay regular.


60g powder
Is a mild ant-acid which contains electrolytes, gently cleansing the intestine and removing toxic waste.


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