Step 3 (a) Rapid Liver Cleanse


This product is not for people who suffer from meniere’s disease. 

The kit contains:
Rapid Flush 50ml,- aids toxin removal
Body and Skin Cleanse 20ml, – a cellular cleanse formula
Rapid MAG Mix 50capsules, – liver and gallbladder flush


Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves so many niggly and some big things!. Will help reduce allergies, also eliminate shoulder, upper arm and upper back pain. Increase energy and an increased sense of well being. Of the +- 200,000 chemicals, (3,000 in food) the body needs help to eliminate them. The Rapid Liver Cleanse removes the cause of pain, bacteria, virus and fungus residing in liver stones!

Reported benefits: improved eyesight, reduced lower back pain, increased energy, a sense of well being.

Full instructions included, although the OXY mentioned is not included in this pack, it is important to add it.

Read our comprehensive article on this process.

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