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The Corona-Virus and You

South Africa; 2272 cases and 27 deaths .

Keep your immune system boosted –
give your body the best boxing gloves: GcMAF!

GcMAF remains, understandably, in high demand. We have been able to meet and en-devour to continue to meet with your demands for this king of immunotherapy. Thank you. We are all taking it too!

“The gcmaf is excellent.. And attribute her [Nadia’s daughter] strong immune to this.. Definitely”  and again “I know the gcmaf is working…. And her immune is the best due to gcmaf  – Nadia.

Learning from Italy:

It is said that the death toll in Italy is high because of their large elderly population. The hardest hit are those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems followed by the array of autoimmune problems. This need not be the case for us South Africans!

We are open as we supply the pharmaceutical industry with various products.  

Our Protocol continues to be:

For the lab; scrub, don sterilised lab coats, masks and gloves.
Production is mostly mechanical with no human contact.
All staff scrub down before leaving the changing room and the packing area is only entered in by our operations person to ensure no likelihood of infection.

We have been reassured by our courier services that they too have implemented the required changes. With a change in delivery service there has been a small increase in the delivery fee.

Please note, our prices have remained the same since last year, with just covering costs on GcMAF because we want it as affordable as it can be for everyone.

Receiving your delivery protocol.

Upon delivery your parcel should be put down and step back taken.
Please take your own pen to sign the document.
Open your parcel but touch nothing inside it yet as the contents will be completely safe from our laboratory and dispatch.
Now go in and wash your hands thoroughly, go back and without touching the wrapping again, take the contents out and put them inside your home.
Go back to the packaging and throw it in your outside bin/recycling. Back inside, wash your hands again.

For all your other shopping, this video has some good tips: PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic.

Other precautions my own family have implemented:

  • The kitchen and bathroom surfaces are cleaned with a mixture of two cups of water and one teaspoon each of Jik and dish-washing liquid. We keep our dish cloth in this mixture.
  • A Milton’s bath for fruit that does not get peeled. Everything else must be either cooked or peeled.

If you have any flu like symptoms we highly recommend (for any virus or bacterial infection) OXY (stabilised oxygen) which enters the blood stream, oxygenates the blood and attacks viruses, bacteria and fungi. If you feel a little throat scratchy, gargle regularly with a salt water gargle and make it as hot as you can, this should be about 50 to 55 degrees C. (what you drink your coffee or tea at). Do this as often as you can. The virus starts to infect the nasal/sinus passages and as your mouth, ear and nose membranes are closely connect, this helps reduce the infection enormously.

During this time of introspection give time to your body and cleaning it out too.

Please take Chelator/plaque cleanse to clean your blood supply system – your veins, arteries, and capillaries!  I did not think I needed this product and with much nagging by a loved one I relented.  To my surprise my carpal tunnel syndrome went away!  

Do it even just as an insurance and for those with high blood pressure and heart issues its more urgent now than ever before. 

Other options for a healthier, functional body:

Clean inside out too for a healthier you!

Read about our Organ Cleanse – Male and Organ Cleanse – Female

Eat food that nourishes your body!

Contact us with any questions and please, please pass this onto your friends and family.

Stay safe, healthy and content!