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The Corona-Virus and You

“The best vaccine is enhancing your mucosal immunity”

Author, teacher, and researcher,  Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, CLS; Immunosciences Lab., Inc.

In an interview with Deanna Minich, PhD (**May 12, 2020) for the Metagenics Institute, Aristo Vojdani suggested the best protective measures against a virus is to “enhance your immune system and in particular your mucosal cell immunity.”

Watched by functional doctors around the world, Deanna asked the big question: “how” can we do this?
He answered with a smile and simply said “colostrum, and in particular”, he went on to say, “cows or camels colostrum, taken within the first two weeks” of birthing.

“Nothing comes close to colostrum.”

Arisjto Vojdani

Boy did we want to get up and dance the jig!!  

Our excitement is this…..
we take only the first milking from a cow after she has given birth, leaving the rest (and there is plenty of it) for her calf. This forms part of the gc protein which makes up our incredible GcMAF.  The cows live in the rich rolling hills and mountains of the Natal Midlands, organic, free ranging, quality assured and happy!   

Why from cow or camel specifically?
“They get a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 and naturally they have natural antibodies,”  Vojdani said.
He also included the importance of Vitamin C,  A,  D and E.  (Please find wholefood sources for your vitamins). 

Our Protocol continues to be:

For the lab; scrub, don sterilised lab coats, masks and gloves.
Production is mostly mechanical with no human contact.
All staff scrub down before leaving the changing room and the packing area is only entered in by our operations person to ensure no likelihood of infection.

We have been reassured by our courier services that they too have implemented the required changes. With a change in delivery service there has been a small increase in the delivery fee.

Please note, our prices have remained the same since last year, with just covering costs on GcMAF because we want it as affordable as it can be for everyone.

Vitamin D (from the sun or from a wholefood source) enhances the efficacy of GcMAF absorption.
To enhance the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, eat cruciferous vegetables; cabbage and broccoli!  

All in synergy, all working together!  Don’t you just love it!  
Its a lifestyle change –
Eat foods that nourish!

Note:  The worst thing for mucosal cell immunity is stress.
So exercise, and try some mindful meditations.  

Aristo Vojdani  Research papers.
Mushroom Mix   – for natural vitamin D.

GcMAF is a vitamin D-binding protein, in winter it makes sense to order the Mushroom Mix as well.  When taken together, the GcMAF is 2½ times stronger.
Mushroom Mix comes in tincture form and, because it is produced from a natural food source, its absorption and efficacy are excellent. 

Help For any Flu like symptoms

Other excellent supportive products to have on hand :


MSM + C Highest Purity

OXY (stabilised oxygen)

one more thing….

During this time of introspection give time to your body and cleaning it out too.

Please take Chelator/plaque cleanse to clean your blood supply system – your veins, arteries, and capillaries!  I did not think I needed this product and with much nagging by a loved one I relented.  To my surprise my carpal tunnel syndrome went away!  

Do it even just as an insurance and for those with high blood pressure and heart issues its more urgent now than ever before. 

Other options for a healthier, functional body:

Clean inside out too for a healthier you!

Read about our Organ Cleanse – Male and Organ Cleanse – Female

Eat food that nourishes your body!

Contact us with any questions and please, please pass this onto your friends and family.

Stay safe, healthy and content!